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Althea Renè

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The light melodic notes of a flute are beautiful, yes, but not what one would normally consider a bold sound. Not so in the hands of Althea René. This classically trained musician has set the jazz world a-spinning with her powerful solo flute performances.

Althea René, born in Detroit, Michigan on Christmas day, began playing the flute at age four. Inspired by the rich talent of her father Dezie McCullers, Sr., who performed with many Motown stars, Althea matured her classical talent under the direction of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Clement Baron and through her studies at Howard University in Washington, D.C. But it wasn’t until she set her sights on jazz and popular music that her real gift began to shine.

“I was unable to ‘fit’ into the sounds that I heard and there weren’t a lot of flautists to emulate. I wanted to play jazz, but no one was really doing that on the flute and they certainly weren’t playing solos. Flutes are usually in the background. It’s a very difficult instrument to play especially in front of a band because it’s a very light instrument. I was willing to take the chance and get up and play.”

Ms. René is regarded among musicians and enthusiasts as one of the nation’s most exciting solo improvisational flautists. Her recordings are an assortment of urban contemporary tunes with and R&B twist…a combination that has ranked her in the top 50 of both the SmoothJazz and R&R charts.

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